It became obvious during the preparation of tax returns that most Christians are unable to contribute significantly to the Lord’s work because they fail to follow good financial principles.  They are often slaves to debt and this impacts their ability to give biblically.  Our goal is to teach them to reduce or eliminate debt and follow biblical financial principles which will allow them the freedom to use their money as the Holy Spirit leads.

We present principles promoted by Christian financial leaders such as Ron Blue, Larry Burkett, Randy Alcorn, and Dave Ramsey.  We try to take advantage of the tried-and-true principles which great Christian leaders have taught for years.  Each principle is backed up by scripture and presents God’s wisdom and not man’s.

The seminar consists of eight weekly class sessions 60 – 75 minutes long.  Each session is followed with a homework assignment which is directed at each person’s own financial situation.  Those who faithfully do the homework each week will profit the most from the seminar.  The homework is not collected but is designed to help each person understand their own financial situation better.

Week One

The Secret to Managing Your Finances

Week Two

The Treasure Principle

WEEK three

Common Financial Myths

WEEK four

Avoiding Debt



WEEK six

The First Three Steps to Financial Freedom

WEEK Seven

The Last Four Steps to Financial Freedom

WEEK eight

Protecting and Managing Financial Records