Tax preparation usually consists of meeting with a preparer for an hour once a year to prepare your annual tax returns.  If you have questions through the rest of the year, you’re stuck with the internet (or your brother-in-law) and hope the advice you receive is accurate.

However, at Caesar Ministries, we believe in a relationship which meets the clients’ needs, whatever they may be.  Some people just want to be able to ask questions and get accurate answers, and we’re glad to do that at no charge.  Others are brave enough to prepare their own tax returns but want a qualified person to look them over to see if they’ve missed anything, and we also do that for free.  And then, of course, there are those who want nothing to do with preparing their own tax returns and would rather have an expert do it for a reasonable fee.

Your Income Tax Philosophy

If you do ask us to prepare your tax returns, we begin with an interview to determine your philosophy.  Do you want a big refund (which means less money in your paycheck during the year), more money throughout the year (which may mean a balance due at tax time), or the bottom line to be zero (no refund or balance due)?  We then prepare your returns, using our years of education and experience, to do them correctly.  We also counsel you on changes we see coming in your life.  Perhaps a child will no longer qualify for the child tax credit next year, you have a child entering college, you have a child getting married, or you’ll need to take the required minimum distribution from your traditional IRA.  We make sure you understand the tax implications.

After the Return is Filed

However, your relationship doesn’t end when we finish your returns.  We’re available all year for questions.  Perhaps you plan to withdraw money from your 401K or start a business or perhaps you receive an inheritance (or whatever) and want to know the tax consequences.  We’ll offer advice and guide you through the process.  If you receive a tax letter, we’ll work with you to resolve the issue.  If you discover you need to file an amendment, we’ll take care of that for you also.